Expectation to 
content employees. 

“If our employees are satisfied, they will do their best for our company.”

The efficiency of your employees is a key factor of the success of your company. But how can you encourage our people’s motivation? Quite simply: ensure staff´s satisfaction. With attractive benefits offers.

Employees who do not have to worry about the future thanks to the support of their employer will be happy to work for them. This way you strengthen their loyalty to the company and benefits directly from the drive of your employees. A classic win-win situation.

Build up genuine trust: keep your employees informed.

Less than one third of employees in Germany feel well informed about occupational pension provision. A study by the auditing company Deloitte shows that this lack of information leads increasingly to a loss of confidence by employees. Counteract this development: draw the attention of your employees to the wide range of pension options available.

Increase the attractiveness of your company.

A strong benefits scheme not only offers great opportunities for your current workforce. It also provides you with convincing arguments in interviews with potential applicants. With fair provisions for a carefree future, you can make your company attractive even beyond salary payments and working hours. For young talents as well as for highly qualified specialists.

TPC Portal: Transparent, easy and digital.

Identify the potentials you have with occupational benefits. Based on your existing situation, we will show you various options: Bundle suitable provisions for your employees and increase your attractiveness as an employer. Take advantage of the wide range of supplementary services that we would be pleased to show you, focus on efficiency for your administration with our portal and state-of-the-art communication policy. Solutions for you and your employees.

Expectation to various benefits.

Benefits schemes are particularly effective if they are precisely tailored to your company. Take advantage of our individual consultations, efficient administration and transparent communication.

“A good benefits plan should not only relieve our employees but also on us as a company and as HR managers.”

“For us as a company, a company benefits plan means: good employees stay productive longer and motivated longer.”

“We do not want to have to search for the most important information – we want to find it. Preferably at a glance.”

The start of a good business relationship is a good conversation.

Let us engage in dialogue to determine what your needs are, how we can best support you and what occupational provision can mean for your company and your employees.